When I was 12 years old I took guitar lessons at a music shop in West Bend, Wisconsin. The teacher was awesome but patience and practice were not my thing. I wanted to be a rock star and play wicked solos on my battle axe rather than learn new parts of “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. I quit guitar lessons after about a month and my electric guitar became a great dust collector.

Over the next few years I would mess around with that guitar learning some Green Day or Operation Ivy songs but the interest I once had was gone. I moved on to other things. When I was about 19 years old I met a girl that played guitar and my rock star ambitions suddenly came back to me. Weird. With the few lessons I had under my belt and the handful of songs that I could play, I was a bit more advanced than she was. She totally dug that. When that girl and I weren’t hanging out I was practicing and learning new songs.

Sublime was the first band I really got into. The acoustic songs Bradley recorded felt really good to play and I quickly realized that the acoustic side of guitar was more my style. I had an old acoustic with a couple of strings missing and for my 20th birthday my mom had it restrung. I played it everyday. I was out of high school and I rarely kept a job past the first payday. I had quite an amount of guitar playing free time at my disposal. I would perfect a song then find a new one that I wanted to learn. I felt more and more comfortable playing and singing and I wondered if I could write original music and sing my own lyrics. The first version of “My Cure” came shortly after that and the rest is happening right now…

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